Half-day tour

  • Islands, snorkeling, fishermen’s villages
  • 8:30AM – 12:30AM
  • Up to 10 people

Embark on the Nāga, Kep Adventures’ boat, for a guided tour of Kep archipelago. Snorkel around Koh Poh island and discover the coral reefs covered with urchins, sea stars and colourful fish. Enjoy a refreshing drink and fruit plate on the beach while taking in the relaxed atmosphere before swimming in Snake Island’s beautiful creek. The similar itinerary as the day tour will give you just as many chances to observe Irrawaddy dolphins… Keep an eye out for them!

Half-day tour option

Included in the offer:

  • Drinks (water)
  • Snorkeling gear

Kep Adventures team is committed!

For the sake of the environment, we have replaced every piece of disposable plastic (single-use bottles, straws, plastic wraps…) by reusable and eco-friendly alternatives. Learn more about our green commitment here.